Transportation for People with Needs


Mobility is the key to the quality of Life!

Our transportation will provide the ‘People with Needs’ community with readily available and affordable transport options that help them participate in the following activities: 

    • Shopping including supermarket, pharmacy, banking and general errands;

    • Attendance at social events;

    • Maintaining social interests, like going out for coffee;

    • Community Activities or Clubs, including Probus, art classes etc.;

    • Group Programs;

    • Day Centres;

    • Medical appointments;

    • Hospital admissions and outpatient care;

    • Residential respite facilities;

    • Recreational Activities including swimming, exercise classes, etc.; and

Rehabilitation Programs including hydrotherapy, cardiac rehab programs etc.

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Transportation Components

Public Vehicles

Private Vehicles

Commercial Services

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Modified Vehicles

Vehicle modification is a specialist area.

Modifications include:

1. Wheelchair Access Vehicle

2. Hydraulic Lifts (Tailgate & Ramp Systems)

3. Side Steps

4. Low Line Floors



Transportation booking System